India And The United States Of America And India

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Two of the world’s most largest democracies are known as the United States of America and India. The countries have Federal Democracies, India known as the top down federation and the United States known as the bottom down federation. India is known for their multi-party system and the U.S. for their two party systems. These two democracies represent 22.3% of the world population, with a combined population of over 1.267 billion people according to the World Bank estimates. Legislative, executive, and judiciary powers are the central powers within the government. Both countries have a Legislative branch that’s bicameral, however, the degree that their legislative powers are used up to be are both distinctive from one another.…show more content…
As a result, new voters- almost all from poor, rural, and low-caste backgrounds- has entered the political system. In the 1950s about 45 percent of the population voted; today that number is 60 percent. Yogendra Yadav; an Indian political scientist studying this trend, argues that India is going through a “fundamental though quiet transformation” that is opening up it’s politics to a much broader group of people who were previously marginalized. These parties have made India more democratic, but they have also made it less liberal.” (Zakaria, 108) Even today, India’s Prime Minister is the leader of the major party in alliance. Due to the multiple numbers of political parties, not one single party has been able to secure a permanent seat in the parliament. India consists of a diverse majority of cultures, ethnicities, and religions due to its large population. Multiple parties allow people to choose a party that best fits an individual’s views and beliefs. The government has policies that lean towards the more neutral and moderate side, rather than a more liberal and conservative environment similar to what we see more often in the United States. The United States of America has a two party system where only two parties compete for a seat in the legislative, The Democrats and The Republicans. Democrats are more liberal compared to the Republicans who are more conservative and have opposing views on a variety of different social
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