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Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University “FINANCIAL ANALYSIS: A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF INDIABULLS HOUSING FINANCE LTD.” A SUMMER TRAINING PROJECT REPORT SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULLFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE AWARD OF DEGREE OF MBA 2O11-13 SUBMITTED BY GUIDED BY CHETAN SAPRA MS. SONALI MBA (FINANCE & MARKETING) DHARAMADHIKARI ROLL NO. 30 CERTIFICATE OF ORIGINALITY This is to certify that the project report entitled “FINANCIAL ANALYSIS: A COMAPRATIVE STUDY OF INDIABULLS HOUSING FINANCE LTD.” Submitted to Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of MBA is an original work carried out by Mr. Chetan Sapra under the guidance of Ms.…show more content…
The financial statements are analyzed using technique of Ratio Analysis. Ratios are an important tool in analyzing the financial statements & the company’s profitability, solvency & liquidity for comparative study. Sincere attempts have been made to make this report error free but if any errors and omissions are found then I apologize for that. CHETAN SAPRA INDEX S.NO. | CONTENTS | Page No. | 1. | INTRODUCTION1.1. OVERVIEW OF REAL ESTATE IN INDIA1.2. PROFILE OF THE COMPANY1.3. MANAGEMENT 1.4. GROWTH OF THE COMPANY1.5. GROWTH OF THE INDUSTRY1.6. FUTURE OUTLOOK 1.7. NEW CHALANGES 1.8. PLAYERS IN THE INDUSTRY 1.9. COMPETITORS INFORMATION 1.10. SWOT ANALYSIS | 24810101317182021 | 2. | RESEARCH METHODOLOGY2.1. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM2.2. OBJECTIVES & SCOPE OF THE STUDY2.3. MANAGERIAL USEFULLNESS2.4. TYPE OF RESEARCH & RESEARCH DESIGN2.5. DATA COLLECTION METHOD2.6. LIMITATIONS OF STUDY | 262627272729 | 3. | CONCEPTUAL DISCUSSION3.1. REVIEW OF LITERATURE3.2. CURRENT ISSUES3.3. ARTICLES ABOUT THE COMPANY3.4. NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN THE INDUSTRY | 31334142 | 4. | DATA ANALYSIS4.1. METHODS & TECHNIQUES OF DATA ANALYSIS4.2. PRIMARY DATA ANALYSIS4.3. SECONDARY DATA ANALYSIS4.4. RATIO ANALYSIS4.5. COMPARATIVE RATIO ANALYSIS OF IHFL,HDFC,LICHFL & DHFL | 4545454546 | 5. | FINDINGS, CONCLUSION AND SUGGESTIONS | 63 | 6. | APPENDIX | 66 | 7. | BIBLIOGRAPHY | 79 | 8.

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