India Is A Land Known For Its Diversity

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India is a land known for its diversity with respect to culture, languages, religions and cuisine. Several dishes in the Indian cuisine find its roots delved deep into tradition and history. Examples of these indigenous dishes include Paneer, Dahi, Avial and so on.
The dairy industry in India has grown tremendously in recent years post the success of the Operation Flood Programme. This programme, which began in the 1970’s, was a noteworthy event globally and the impact of this can be witnessed in the fact of India rising to the status of being the leading producer of milk in the world. Out of the total milk produced in the country, nearly 40-50% is converted into a variety of dairy products whose origins lie deeply rooted into Indian tradition. The processes used to manufacture these products include heat and acid coagulation, heat desiccation and fermentation. Paneer is one such product which is an indigenous traditional type of fresh cheese prepared by heat-acid coagulation of milk. Coagulation refers to the formation of large structural protein aggregates where fat in milk and other colloidal and soluble solids are entrapped with whey. The major protein present in milk that gets coagulated is casein. Paneer is unsalted and unripened unlike several of its western counterparts such as Roquefort cheese, Cheddar cheese and so on. It shares a few similarities with Tofu and western cottage cheese. As with the entire food industry within the country, the
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