India Is A Republic Dominion Of South Asia

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India is a republic dominion in South Asia. It has the second highest population in the world after China, which reached the 1 billion mark in June 2000. As per the latest Census of 2011, the total population of the country is 1.21 billion, which includes 623.12 million males and 587.4million females. India’s share of the world population is 17 percent. The literacy rate among the population for seven years and above for the country stands at 72.99 percent. The total workforce in the country is 397 million, going by the latest Round of National Sample Survey (NSS) of Employment and Unemployment. Nearly 92 percent or more out of this are occupied in the unorganized sector activities, counting informal sector, whereas in organized sector, almost 8% is employed. The ratio of workforce engaged in agriculture to that in non agriculture sector is 3:2 for the total employment. As far as the non-agriculture sector employment is concerned, 82% is the unorganized workforce and about 18 per cent is the organized segment. Out of the total workforce of the country, merely about 12 to 15 per cent of the total workforce in the country is estimated to be falling in the category of wage or salary employment. As per the Economic Survey, Government of India 2002-03, such employees comprise about 40 per cent of the workforce in the urban areas and 6 per cent of the workforce in the rural areas. As per the Government of India report of 2002, only 5% of the work force, aged from 20 to 24 has
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