India Needs Socialism Essay

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The Indian economy is an interesting thing on one side we see Middle aged men in Imported Cars , Tall buildings with luxury apartments , five star hotels and clubs full of people spending thousands and posh luxury office’s It feels like money just spills out of the pockets of the rich to make this capitalist utopia of the few . We also see slums , factories with horrible workings conditions , Beggars and rag pickers on the roads living on less than the bare minimum needed to survive .When I was 12 years old I saw a women feeding her child of a trash can and in my hand was a burger from a fancy American fast food joint . I still think of that day and I don't feel lucky but guilty .

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Certainly not . The assumption that this system rewards those who work hard is false . The incomes and rewards in this system , are not only unfair but also unequal . The richest 3 Richest people in the world own more money than the poorest 10 % of the world population . The ten percent of the world population is 686110000 , So do you mean 3 people work more harder than effort of 686110000 people combined ? The answer is an obvious no . The rich don't work for their money but make money work for them .The working man works nine hours a days and at the end of the month ,day or after a certain period of time he gets a wage . The rich man on the other hand has never worked for money but he works for acquiring assets and these assets make him rich whether he works or not .

I will look at the economy from the eyes from the worst off and all I see is misery and hunger . Well this economic system is beyond doubt the cause of poverty in this country and something has to be done about it . The first thing that comes to your mind is that the government should help the poor and the oppressed . The government is run by politicians and most of the times , these politicians in power are not there for the oppressed masses but for filling there pockets with money . This
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