India: One of the Leaders of the Film Production

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Yielding 28,000 featured films, and as one of the leaders of the film production India is one of the biggest film production country. Following the breakthrough of the Lumiere brothers producing the screening of a motion film, the trend soon followed into European and Indian countries during the 1890’s. By July 1896, the city of Bombay had films produced a variety of films in the same area as where the Lumiere brothers had there first film screened in India. The next year, the first featured show was presented at the Calcutta Star Theatre. The first bioscopes were shown in the theatres in Kolkata during this time as well. The Indian photographer, Hiralal Sen filmed the scenes from a show named The Flower of Persia and The Wrestlers, produced by Bhatavdeker during his first few months there. The film showed a wrestling match, this was the first film and Indian documentary filmed by an Indian. The first film was released on May 18th 1912, it was a silent film called Shree pundalik, directed by Torne. There is some controversy surrounding film, some believe that it should not hold the title of it being the first film because the cameraman was a British nationalist, who filmed the film in Britan. The film was also just a recording of a popular play. Dadasaheb Phalke, named the father of cinema produced the first full-length motion picture. He brought scholarly and cultural aspects to his films. His first film consisted of males playing the female roles. This marked the

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