India Risk Analysis Essay

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Global investors, markets, and foreign governments are often held responsible by their citizens or shareholders to ensure the potential is measured against the risks when investing. In recent years the strength of India on the global market has continued to show signs of political and economical growth that makes regions in India attractive investments by various markets. India has taken steps to recognize these opportunities to gain Foreign Direct Investment by realigning government policy towards new business potential. Such potential is often marked by “it’s too good to be true” as global investors determine the risk through in depth analysis of regions around the world and much like team A has outlined for Kerala, India.
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Kerala has taken the initiative for establishing the technical benchmark for the rest of India. Private investment in the infrastructure of Kerala has resulted in a unique and progressive society that is adopting a western taste for entertainment and leisure. Tourism is increasingly becoming a mainstay industry of Kerala. Besides bringing in large investments from international financial contributors, the tourism is also contributing much to the State's annual revenue. The State has launched several events like the India International Boat Show to promote the State in the Indian and international markets. These types of shows and the need for a venue to host these gatherings is becoming clear, as those conventions become more frequent in such a progressive area. There are limited structures that can support the types of meetings and presentations that are becoming more common place in the expanding economy.
With expanding economic growth, tourism and leisure also increase. The Government of Kerala has identified this future need and is actively pursuing FDI in the building of a new International Convention Center, as well as the surrounding businesses and support industries that are required. This investment has been targeted primarily to Foreign Direct Investment as well as local capital investment.
Economic and Financial Forces

India has a stable financial foundation that is currently showing growth. The economic indicators
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