India: Universal Brotherhood Concept Essay

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Since its inception, India has been adhering to the concept of Universal Brotherhood i.e.‘Vasudaiva Kutumbakam’ as her core principal of living in harmony with all beings created by the almighty. Atithi Devo Bhava is just an extension of that philosophy of universal brotherhood where every Indian treats guests as their God. The thought of extending hospitality with warmth is deep rooted in the villages of India where even the poorest of the poor will offer half of his bread if you visit his house along with a glass of water with a generous smile. In Indian mythology, there is also a deliberate mention of treating guest as God along with wishing welfare of the world when despite in her state of penury, Draupadi offered a grain of cooked rice to Lord Krishna and requested him to satiate his hunger as well as the rest of the world.
However, an important question to be asked today is whether the maxim is just a garb of three words and has lost the value it stands for?

With nuclear families being order of the day in urban areas and rural areas running sprints to catch up to urban folks, the sphere of our interests is diminishing proportionately. Everyone around us is busy in running from pillar to post starting from dawn to dusk. Jobs, wives, children, girlfriends occupy so much of our time that we are hardly left with time for anyone else. It requires an effort to squeeze out time for our school time best friends. Under these circumstances, with blood pressures constantly…

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