India and China: Ancient Civilizations in the Modern World

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Prior to the 18th century, Europeans viewed these nations with the utmost respect in regards to their immense wisdom and wealth. However, around the time of the early nineteenth century Europeans began to view these civilizations through a different lens. In the eyes of Europeans, these once renowned civilizations had become debilitated and obsolete. The twentieth century only further instated the agony associated with the conditions of the two countries. Nonetheless, they were and still remain as one the most populous countries. In 1820, they had a combined population amounting up to over half a billion and by the twentieth century each of these nations had earned themselves a reputation smothered in famine, disease, and idiocy. Lands of women with bound feet and people deemed untouchable, all that was good in the name of China and India was lost. By the 1960s, it was believed the riches of these two nations had reached rock bottom. However, in the last forty years we do not speak of China and India as we once had, concentrating on their ancient wisdoms and deficiencies. Today we view China and India as dynamic modern economies. China is ranked the second largest economy in terms of gross domestic product in purchasing power parity. Together the two nations account for 19.2% of world GDP, and 37.5% of the world population. It is evident that these two countries have taken substantial…
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