India and Pakistan Negotiations

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There have been numerous negotiations taken place between India and Pakistan since 1947. They have ranged from inconsequential issues such as Border Railway Crossing and Time Tables to highly disputatious ones like National Security interests including Nuclear Confidence building measures and to the highly infamous Kashmir issue.
Before discussing the negotiations which occurred over the Kashmir issue, we need to know the origin of the Kashmir problem!
A Walk into the History
After the departure of the British Empire from the Indian Subcontinent, it led to the formation of two different countries- India and Pakistan along religious lines (Hinduism and Islam). (Kux, 87) These two new dominions had around 650 states run by princes. Theoretically these states had the option of choosing either of the countries or remain independent. By remaining independent they would have let monarchy leap over democracy. These ‘independent’ states were advised by the British Government to get associated with either of the two dominions keeping in view the geographical and other relevant considerations, for the sole purpose of securing their defence, foreign relations and other specified matters.
One of these newly independent states was Kashmir, which according to its geographical positioning had the option of choosing either of the two dominions but there lied a problem which was, the ruler of Kashmir was a Hindu believer but the majority of the population in Kashmir was Muslim. Being
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