India of my Dreams by Mahatma Gandhi Essay

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The book INDIA OF MY DREAMS is a collection of passages from writing and speeches of Mahatma Gandhi. In this book author discusses about the various aspect of Indian culture its heritage and about the society at large. The changing socio-economic and political scenario is compared with that of past and various experiences of Gandhi has been discussed in this book. As the author observed that from time immemorial our country is known as KARMBHUMI worldwide not as the BHOGABHUMI . It is essentially the land of duty not the land of enjoyment. The author envisages an India which is free and strong so that for the betterment of world at large, she may offer herself a willing and voluntary sacrifice. The destiny of the nation lies not in the…show more content…
The main goal of his basic education is an all-round drawing out of the best in the child and man- body, mind and spirit. According to him highest development of mind and soul can be possible only when there is a holistic education of individuals, self reliance of both i.e as an individual and also as a society. He was the pioneer in propagating the idea of free and compulsory education in India, cause he felt that the country is plagued by endemic poverty ,so if the education is not free and compulsory, there will be abysmal state of literacy in India. For Gandhi true education is that one which leads to freedom and liberation, as against the common perception of education is its commercialisation in the market. Freedom is necessary for attaining Moksha. As he states further that liberations are of two type- long lasting and short spanned. Liberation of our soul and liberation of character building are long lasting , liberation of a nation is short lived. So for him liberation of individual was more fundamental in nature to that of liberating the nation. He also emphasized that the basic education should focus on the intellectual development of children through the medium of handicraft. His idea was to bring social revolution through

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