India 's 9 / 11

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India’s 9/11 The Mumbai Attacks on November 26th, 2008, an event that would scar Indians for many years to come, shook India to its core. India and Pakistan have had many past conflicts including four different wars following their independence from Britain. These previous conflicts between the two nations eventually led to the attacks on Mumbai, India’s commercial gem, in 2008. The attack consisted of multiple synchronized bombings and shootings across Mumbai, resulting in 166 deaths, including six Americans, and over 308 wounded. India claims that the attackers were members of a Pakistani militant organization known as Lakshar-e-Taiba, meaning “army of the good”. According to many eyewitness testimonies, emails back and forth between…show more content…
India had finally gained independence after 350 years of British presence. The plan for partition began when Britain ultimately handed over self-governance to India. After receiving its independence, India was further separated due to religious tensions between Muslims and Hindus living together. Because of these conflicts, Pakistan was formed the following day on August 15, 1947. Under the Mountbatten Plan, India was formed out of mostly Hindu regions and Pakistan was created out of the primarily Muslim regions. Pakistan was formed into two dominions: East Pakistan and West Pakistan. At the beginning of their independence, both countries dealt with both ruined lands and economies. The partition ended up leaving both Pakistan and India distraught. Riots erupted, looting broke out, women were raped, and over 15 million refugees were forced into unfamiliar regions. These refugees crossed borders into regions of the two new countries that were completely foreign to them. Women were raped and abused by both Muslims and Hindus, and each day trains filled with beaten women and children would arrive between the borders of Pakistan and India. The first war between India and Pakistan, which started in October 1947, was one of the first major events that led to the modern-day hatred between these two nations. British policy stated that the numerous princely states would have to
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