India 's An Economical Growth Pattern

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Introduction India is a country developing on many levels but their people are suffering in poverty as they watch their countries economy grow. More than half of all workers languish in low productivity agriculture, while another quarter or so are in low grade services. About 95% of all workers are in informal employment, and roughly half are self-employed. What 's more, the recognized and paid participation of women in working life has actually been declining in a period of rapid income growth. This basic failure helps to explain several other failures of the development project so far: the persistence of widespread hunger and very poor nutrition indicators; the inadequate provision of basic needs like housing, electricity and other essential infrastructure; the poor state of health facilities for most people; and the slow expansion of education (Guardian, 2016). Although India has exhibited an economical growth pattern, there are sections of the population that suffer from poverty, lack of healthcare, lack of infrastructure and the basic needs for survive. India’s government and other organizations such as the World Bank and the IMF are focused on the economic growth of the economy as-well-as, improving the lives of the poor in India.
The World Bank and the IMF are the world 's largest public lenders, with the Bank managing a total portfolio of $200 billion and the Fund supplying member governments with money to overcome short-term credit crunches. But when the…
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