India 's Drug Industry : India

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Ashley Buchanan
India’s Drug Industry
Saint Leo University

According to a report done by Equity Master, the Indian pharmaceuticals market happens to be the third largest in terms of volume and the thirteenth largest in terms of value. In the pharmaceuticals market, branded generics dominate. India is the biggest provider of generic drugs throughout the world and consolidation has become imperative as the Indian pharmaceutical market is highly disjointed. India is full of engineers and scientists who try to steer the industry to a higher level. The size of the Indian market is expected to increase to $100 billion US dollars by the year 2025. This increase is being driven by raising healthcare insurance, urbanization, and increasing consumer spending. Looking to the future of India and the pharmaceutical market, domestic sales growth will depend on other companies’ ability to showcase product portfolios towards therapies for diseases such as diabetes, cancers, depressants, and cardiovascular, which are all on the rise. The Indian government has taken precautions to help reduce healthcare expenses and costs. Generic drugs are being introduced into the market at a fast speed and this has remained the main focus and goal of India. India is eyeing Japan acquisition opportunities which would expand the generic market rapidly. Japan’s government plans to increase production of generic drugs to 60% of the pharmaceutical market by 2017, due to rising healthcare costs and…

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