India 's Electricity Crisis From Uttar Pradesh State

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ELECTRICITY CRISIS IN INDIA (UTTAR PRADESH STATE) Name: Zhaomengqi Wang Instructor: Anshul Rana Course: SA. 790.722: Infrastructure and Development in South Asia Date : Nov 11 2016 Words:1460 • Introduction Uttar Pradesh State in India has been a severe victim of electricity shortages for several years . Data from the Central Electricity Authority indicates that by May 2015, Uttar Pradesh’s power availability was around 11.6% less than maximum demand, compared to India’s power shortage of 2.3%. Uttar Pradesh’s shortages happen because its sub-stations are not built to quality, and its transformers are overburdened, leading to power cuts and unscheduled outages. The situation is aggravated by unmetered electricity consumers and widespread power theft in the state, creating constant headaches for the state’s power utility, Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL). UPPCL is responsible for electricity transmission and distribution within the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Thus its portfolio includes distribution to different sectors including residential, industrial, commercial, and agricultural. On January 14th, 2000, UPPCL began implementing upgrades to create a more stable power system for both residential and industrial consumption . As a part of these upgrades, the government promised to provide Uttar Pradesh with 22-24 hr power supply by 2017. However, this seems infeasible because statistics show that the state recorded the highest power shortage among
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