India 's Growth And Popularity Of The Solar Energy

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India is one of the abundantly available renewable energy resources in Asia Pacific regions, solar energy market is growing at a pace with tremendous potential. The increasing focus on sustainable development along with the motto of reducing carbon and green house gas emissions is primarily acting as an impetus for the adoption of solar energy Over years solar energy has remarkably changed from being an alternative source of energy to a form of mainstream energy source used for power generation in India. This is visible due to the increasing reliance on solar energy owing to the recent development, following the likes of encouraging government incentives and declining costs of photo-voltaic equipment in the Asian countries. The major reason behind the significant growth and popularity of the solar energy is various forms of solar energy using variety of technologies such as PV cell, concentrated solar power technology and thermal heating Solar power is attractive because it is abundant and offers a solution to fossil fuel emissions and global climate change. Earth receives solar energy at the rate of approximately 1,73,000 TW . This enormously exceeds both the current annual global energy consumption rate of about 15 TW and any conceivable requirement in the future. India is both densely populated and has high solar insolation, providing an ideal combination for solar power in India. With about 300 clear, sunny days in a year, India 's theoretically calculated solar

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