India 's Growth Of The Indian Economy

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Now a day’s entrepreneurship is playing an excellent role in boosting up the Indian economy by working as driving force in the market. Many young entrepreneurs are coming forward and setting up their ventures in different parts of India. These initiatives are opening the way for plenty of jobs for the young jobseekers which is prime necessity for the development of any economy like India. (Quote this by current unemployment data). India is recognized as a talent hub in the world which shows that from here anybody can get skilled manpower as per their requirement, same is the case for the entrepreneurs they are not only having the guts to start-ups but their business ideas are innovative and business driven which is very essential in the…show more content…
These rural people are not very much skilled but any how employers managed to get his work done but if another hand these rural people’s can be skilled by training and development programs than they can work more efficiently. Apart from this entrepreneurship has been witnessed drastic change in the living standard of rural people which is very necessary and positive sign in the development of any economy. To start up industries in the small towns or villages are more effective than starting up in the big cities where already many competitors are present. Due to availability of resources in a huge amount in the rural areas and less financial constraints manufacturing of goods tend to lower production cost by which product becomes more affordable to the rural people. Affordable goods enhancement the living standard of rural people and entrepreneurship in rural areas ensures the quality of education, food, cloths etc. apart from this entrepreneurship in rural areas tend to development and modernization of the place like better health facilities, transportation, schools and colleges these benefits not only put the root of Modern Village but also contributes in balanced development of the country. It’s more beneficial for the youth to starting a venture in their hometown instead in big cities. After taking into consideration the benefits of the entrepreneurship both central government and state government are taking many initiatives to
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