India 's Impact On Healthcare Essay

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Introduction It has been four decades when inception of Internet happened, and what dramatic change it has brought in our lives. It has touches almost all the aspects our lives, and healthcare can’t be excluded from this list. The major concern associated with healthcare has been increasing costs. In fact it has become a general consensus that progress in medicine is related with more and more sophisticated technology which is often expensive and out of reach of average citizen. Unlike other industries the costs of healthcare is not declining, which is not desirable for both developed as well as well as developing countries. But the population vastly affected has been the one located in remote areas, where there is dearth of basic infrastructure and skilled labor, and patients don’t have the income to support their healthcare expenditure. ICT can play a important role in such situation by reaching a large number of population in a cost-effective way. Indian healthcare scenario India lags behind many countries in healthcare indicators. It has poor healthcare service infrastructure, poor government expenditure (4.2% of GDP), and high out of pocket expenditure. Indian population has poor access to primary healthcare services. The rural-urban divide in access of healthcare is also very prominent. A staggering 70% population is still living in rural area, where they have limited or no access to hospitals and clinics. In contrast, urban locales have numerous private hospitals

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