India 's Impact On India

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In recent years, the Information technology sector has really taken-off and boomed up due to various factors such as enormous funding, alliance activities, revolutionarising technology and a rapid increasing domestic market.
India had 3100 startups in 2014, its being predicted to increase to 12000 by 2020. The startups in the IT sector has a large contribution in number of startups. The IT sector mainly includes the startups based on Consumer Internet, ads, payments, analytics, cloud services, SaaS.
As the startups in IT sector need low initial investment and get funding from the investors if their business model is good. Also due to the increasing number of good software engineers and interest in computer science field . Also due to the increasing data coming from various sources. Therefore there has been a significant increase in the number of IT sector startups in India.
India is one of the fastest-growing IT services markets in the world. Government’s proactive measures like ‘Digital India Initiative’, construction of a technology incubator in Hyderabad and other initiative are evident that startups in the IT sector are expected to grow particularly in the upcoming years.
Major IT startups in India are looking for long term image and focusing more on innovation sends a signal that the IT sector startups determined to grow.
Bengaluru the IT hub of India has received US$ 2.6 billion in venture capital investments in 2014, which makes it the fifth largest recipient…
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