India 's Impact On Natural Resources

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India has been known for many things but recently it has had a shortage in natural resources. Mining is one of the shortage and finding a place to mine goods. The resources that help people be employed. The amount of mining that could be brought in.

When you think of India you think of all the different cultures that are involved in India. India has a great history and is known for the vacationing and any sort of dreams you want to imagine. India also helps with making natural resources brought to the United States and to other places. We sometimes take the places that gives us the resources we need. When did the problems start? How is affecting the surrounding areas? When we think of all the problems that the
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The illegal mining has also made matters worse. They lost around 1.86 trillion which is about 100,000 crore. After this happened they had cases brought on all of them including Jindinal Steel & Power and Hindalco and some other companies (businesstoday in). The shortage in this problem has left supervisors to work and be in charge of themselves (Human Rights Watch). “The mining can cause immense damage when a government doesn’t supervise it all”, said Meenakshi Ganguly, who is a director the South Asia Human Rights Watch. India’s government has failed to make sure that over 2,600 operations have been ensured. The problem seems to be in the southern part in a town called Goa which is where all the illegal mining is happening to my understanding. How is it affecting the surrounding areas? Mining is resulting in erosion all around, which can create in sinkholes which can be problems for cars and peoples. Another problem is it can cause water contamination which can harm animals and people. Bad mining can cause fire which can burn for decades which can cause pollution. The inhalation from the coal dust can cause black lung disease (BOLOji). Thousands of mine accidents every year which is crazy. Why would a person want to work in such a dangerous place? I guess they want to work where they feel like they belong and they can have a career and they can make sure they can get
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