India 's Impact On Natural Resources

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India has been known for many things but recently it has had a shortage in natural resources. Mining is one of the shortage and finding a place to mine goods. The resources that help people be employed. The amount of mining that could be brought in.

When you think of India you think of all the different cultures that are involved in India. India has a great history and is known for the vacationing and any sort of dreams you want to imagine. India also helps with making natural resources brought to the United States and to other places. We sometimes take the places that gives us the resources we need. When did the problems start? How is affecting the surrounding areas? When we think of all the problems that the mines have caused we think of the way we can make it better or will we just cause more of problem? This place needs help so we need to do anything we can to help. When did the problems start? At the beginning of July this year ArcelorMittal, which is a company in India made around 12 billion mill in Orissa after they failed to get the land and iron ore mines after the seven years (business today in). The other projects haven’t been called off yet but they could soon. The amount of money that they have lost is astounding. The total investment was around 30 billion dollars. The decision on all this came right after South Korea Posco the world’s 5th largest was abandoned for about 5.3 billion project. The problems with mining started a…
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