India 's Impact On The City Of India

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When I think of India I think of such a dry desert place. Two months ago that was not the case for a specific area in India. Chennai, India had terrible flooding that put a halt to transportation, and some people lost their houses including everything that was inside of them. This natural disaster took place near the end of last year. The week of November 15th Chennai and its suburbs received on again off again rainfall that lasted almost an entire week. Very similar situation on November 23rd. At the beginning of November, the Chennai reservoirs were empty, but by the end of November they were at their max limit. Some houses were already taken over by water. Rain continued to fall the first part of December causing more issues for…show more content…
The cause of this flood was a winter monsoon. This is why the end of November beginning of December had such heavy rainfall. This area plans on winter monsoons to fill their main water supplies. They just didn’t plan for this much moisture in such a short amount of time. Normal amount of rainfall for Chennai in a year is 139 centimeters. In 2015 During the same time frame Chennai received 1609 milometers and 1815 milometers (Rela et al, 2016, p.2). Although 2015’s numbers were much larger the major issue is those numbers occurred in only a 4-5 day period compared to almost three months. The first rainfall which was November 15th caused some light flooding in areas that were low. Rivers, lakes, and marshlands raised from the first rainfall and did not have time to go back down to their regular levels. Because there was already some flooding from the first amount of rain everything flooded with the next rainfall. On December 1st parts of Chennai and areas around received 49 centimeters in twenty-four hours. For the following five days it continued to rain, just not at the same intensity level it did on December first. Monsoons are what fill the water reservoirs that are west and southwest of Chennai. These reservoirs are what supplies water for agriculture and for the city’s water demands. All most all the moisture they receive in those three months supplies them with drinking water for the year. Kosasthalayar, Cooum, and Adyar are
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