India 's Impact On The City Of India

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When I think of India I think of such a dry desert place. Two months ago that was not the case for a specific area in India. Chennai, India had terrible flooding that put a halt to transportation, and some people lost their houses including everything that was inside of them. This natural disaster took place near the end of last year. The week of November 15th Chennai and its suburbs received on again off again rainfall that lasted almost an entire week. Very similar situation on November 23rd. At the beginning of November, the Chennai reservoirs were empty, but by the end of November they were at their max limit. Some houses were already taken over by water. Rain continued to fall the first part of December causing more issues for the people of Chennai.
Chennai is the largest city in south India. Its population is just under five hundred million. More than three hundred and fifty people lost their lives due to this “once in a century” flood (Rela et al, 2016, p.1). Chennai hospital which has two hundred and fifty beds was damaged during the flood and left more than one hundred patients stranded inside. Most of these patients were in intensive care and on ventilators. Boat by boat they moved patients that were stable enough to nearby hospitals that were not affected by the flood. This flood caused millions of dollars’ worth of damage to infrastructures.
Although wetlands made up a large part of the city in the past they have decreased from widespread and…

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