India 's Largest Hybrid Seed

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Introduction about The Company: Nuziveedu Seeds Ltd (NSL), acknowledged as India’s largest hybrid seed – company, believes that it has played an important role in Indian agriculture by developing and supplying quality hybrids and varietal seeds to millions of farmers. Nuziveedu Seeds, which was originally established as a part of NSL Group, has served Indian farmers for more than four decades. The company has its presence in 17 states and markets approximately 350 varieties of seed products to more than 5.5 million farmers across the country. Today, the company is widely recognized for its contribution to the cotton revolution of the country. Almost half (30-35%) of the total cotton production in the country can be traced to the…show more content…
The Manufacturing process in NSL includes various steps and is as follows: The first and foremost step is to find an agricultural fertile land and then an experienced agricultural farmer, who is proficient in farming seeds and then training is given to the farmer about harvesting the seeds. The farmer should be able to follow the guidelines and start the process of sowing seeds at the right climatic conditions and spraying the pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, growth promoters, minerals at regular intervals as per the guidelines. And finally the yielded seeds are procured and quality tests are performed. If I were a Business intelligence Analyst In the existing process of manufacturing seeds the quality of a product is tested only at the final phase and no monitoring is done. In the traditional method of manufacturing Sometimes Quality of a product fails which ultimately results less profits or loss to the Organization. As a Business intelligence Analyst I strongly suggest the NSL to implement Business intelligence because each and every phase of the manufacturing seeds should be monitored and can be analyzed. Sometimes the farmer may not spray pesticides, insecticides as per the guidelines, this needs to be monitored whether this kind of treatment is effecting the yielding or guidelines need to be changed as per the farmer suggestions an analysis should be done using business intelligence tool, Which intern helps to achieve quality product
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