India 's Opinion On Indian Theatre

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The aim of this essay is to explore how Indian theatre has developed within Britain, society’s opinion on Indian performers in theatre and how it is now becoming more acceptable and respected in modern day British theatre. It is very clear that ethnical established ways of thinking have always been challenged in Indian theatre performance for several reasons. These consist of the disadvantages faced by the ethnic groups on the British stage, the use of Indian languages, and how Indian Theatre is looked upon by audiences – Indian and non-Indian. Tara Arts Theatre Company will be used as a case study throughout this essay.
Firstly, in the report from, The Arts Britain Ignores it is highlighted that the historical disadvantages faced by “ethnic minority arts… (were) … lack of premises to rehearse, lack of comparable back up that is afforded to equivalent native British groups, lack of acceptance within the arts structure” (Khan, 1976, cited in Hingorani, 2010, p. 4). From this it is apparent hat earlier on even though the Indian theatre community were producing great plays they still had to work and overcome the barrier of not having any help, support or encouragement from the mainstream British theatre industries and arts councils.
These boundaries all lead up to Tara Arts Theatre Company. The birth of Tara Arts was created when a male Asian youth called Gurdip Singh Chaggar was killed in a racial responsive attack. This took place in London on 4 June 1976. (Hingorani, 2010,
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