India 's Promotion Of Wine Tourism

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Dr. Bharat Sharma
Head of Department, Hospitality & Business
Australian Education Academy, Melbourne Australia

‘With world economy struggling in its way and looking for alternative options, India’s wine tourism is poised to achieve a great boost if right direction and promotion are given. Even though wine production has a long history in India, there has not been much of growth in this Industry for a long time until recently, where some results are surfacing.
This paper explores tourism opportunities in promoting viticulture and vinification as a tool for development of wine tourism which in return has a wider
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With cheap labour in India we can do lot more than developed countries of west and give good competition in quality and price for the production and preparation of quality wines. India can certainly be favourite outsourced destination for production of quality grapes for wine production and even become producers of finest wines.
As vinification requires professionals to prepare wine hence promoting vinification will enhance many outlets for source of wine as a drink along with dinner, rather than spirits. Once the difference of spirits and wine is established, we will see a lot of demand for wines.
Hence viticulture & vinification can bring International recognition to Indian wines and due to cheap labour India will see a boom in wine tourism. At the same time we will require enormous amount of professionals to cater to these needs thereby providing jobs to locals and improving economy.
Key Terms: Employment opportunities, table grapes, quality production, viticulture, vinification
I. INTRODUCTION “Wine Tourism,” is elucidated as Tourist activity involving visitation to wineries, procuring firsthand experience of wine production, including grape cultivation and wine making process. This encompasses series of steps that create an inquisitive atmosphere among visitors during their visitation and / or stay at vineyards. The process of wine making involves harvesting &

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