India 's Unrealistic For Renewable Energy Essay

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Abstract- It’s unrealistic for renewable energy to completely replace non renewable energy. Nations should begin to strive towards renewable sources to lower their dependency on fossil fuels. This will give the developing world a competitive option to non renewable sources.
I. INTRODUCTION Globalization integrates world economy through capital, investment, and labor markets [1]. It allows for the economic growth of developing countries. Development requires the utilization of resources for energy production. Nations like China recently have commenced heavy globalization. China adopted non renewable sources to keep up with their heavy demand for energy. Around sixty seven percent of China’s energy came from coal in 2003 [2]. India and Indonesia will follow a similar economy uprising. They will need a plethora of energy to reach their economic goals [3]. Rather than having them adopt fossil fuels for energy, the world should shift towards adopting more renewable energy. This will ensure a competitive cost for renewable sources in comparison to non renewable sources. It’s unrealistic to believe that renewable sources will completely replace fossil fuels. Moving towards renewable sources will slow down the adverse effects of greenhouse gases and give developing nations a competitive alternative to fossil fuels.
II. ADVERSE EFFECTS FROM NON RENEWABLES Our dependency for non renewable sources came from the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution revealed the high energy
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