India 's World For Peace, Prosperity And All Round Development

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The year 1971 started with high hopes around the world for peace, prosperity and all round development in all spheres. On the eve of 1971 there were jubilations all over the world from Melbourne to San Francisco, crackers turned the nights illuminating into multicolour, as if Celestial bodies themselves came down to greet people. Beer Mugs after mugs were gulped down to bid adieu to 1970 and welcome the New Year. Another fresh new year was here, another year to live, to love and laugh again, to live each day with full zest, without any fear and with full optimism that the new year and the new day is full of surprises and merriment. People all over the world visited Churches, Temples and Mosques to pray God for them and the rest of the world for the best, but perhaps India and Pakistan were destined to see each other with bloodied eyes. The militaristic, political confrontation between these two countries saw the biggest triumph for India, humiliating and unbearable defeat for Pakistan and the creation of a new nation Bangladesh who went through their most horrible days, from the erstwhile East Pakistan.
The liberation of Bangladesh from the cruel clutches of Pakistan was the main reason for conflict between India and Pakistan. India being a sandwich between East Pakistan and West Pakistan could not turn his eyes from the genocide perpetuated against the civilians of East Pakistan by West Pakistan junta.
The partition of India in 1947 by Britishers , based on the theory of

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