Indian Architecture And Its Influence On The Country 's Economic, Political And Cultural Conditions

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Shaguni Gupta Professor Louis, TA: Daniel |ARC 134 October 1 , 2014 Assignment 1, Draft 1 While writing this essay I wondered that for all these years, what made my family change their residence. Was it just cause they got bored for the house or probably cause they didn’t like the city they were living in or was it some other factors that compelled them to do so. Our styles of livings are greatly affected by the country’s economic, political and cultural conditions. Any change in these factors affects the common people the most. I have been brought up in a country famous for its architectural heritage, its history and its culture. It’s a country with a variety of beautiful traditions. Throughout the past, Indian architecture has progressed…show more content…
There was no sense of cement and concrete. There were arches, and the houses were generally single story. They used think walls, and avoided the use of columns. The walls were about 18” thick, in order to provide great insulation in both winter and summer. During that time there were certain areas that were traditionally assigned for women. The basic structure of the house was like with a living space (angan) in the center, and the other rooms around it. There were no westernized toilets in fact, people shared the washrooms. Theses washrooms were generally away from the living areas as according to Indian mythology, home is an omen place which should be away from the toilets, the unhealthy place. Since people then preferred to sit while eating, there were no dining tables. Due to low income and less exposure the habitants of the villages never got the chance to put a step forward todays development. Getting a loan from the bank was so hard that no one dared to even think about industrialization. But then sudden introduction to industrialization and westernization, attracted migrants from the towns to the cities. Rules passed by the president then (Indira Gandhi) provoked the residents more towards modernization. And so my family shifted to a bigger city where my dad started a new industry. Since it was in its early stages, we lived in a small building, right in front of the mill. It was a small apartment that had 3 bedrooms sharing a single bathroom, a kitchen and a

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