Indian Ayurvedic Treatment Essay

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Indian Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurveda is the oldest surviving comprehensive medical science in the world. The term is derived from its ancient Sanskrit roots -Ayus which stands for life and Ved' which symbolizes knowledge. Vedic culture was based on the Vedas [four books of knowledge] the origin of which dates back to 40000 years. This is an indication to the age-old roots of Ayurveda. Ancient physicians segmented the universe into different types of manifested energy and attributed the very same energy to food and herbs.

Ayurveda or the 'science longevity' is the system of nature cure. It is known to promote positive health, natural beauty and long life. Although rooted in antiquity, Ayurveda
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Based on the premise that life represents an intelligent unison of the Atma (Soul), Mana (Mind), Indriya (Senses) and Sharira (Body).

Kerala is the most popular wellness destination in India, especially Ayurvedic and herbal Ayurveda, as the effects are long term and the treatments are safe. Tourists who experience the change post treatment become repeat visitors to continue their treatment. PanchKarma, detoxification, rejuvenation, stress management and weight loss programmes and herbal beauty treatment are most popular among inbound tourists.

MIDDLE EAST: Citizens of oil rich nations are flying abroad to seek Ayurveda treatment that are unavailable in Gulf countries. On an average, 5 lakhs Arabs travel abroad for medical treatment and they spend about $ 27 billion for medical tourists. The Middle East region is an important market for India’s medical tourism industry and especially for Ayurvedic treatment. In the last two years, there has been a significant increase in the number of inbound tourists from this region. In 2007, Indian missions in the UAE issued a total of 60,814 visas compared to 50,076 in 2006.

USA: A group of US students with their professor Dr. Donna Howard from USA visited Punarnava Ayurveda Hospital Pvt. Ltd. on 15.01.2010. All of them underwent Ayurveda massage. This was conducted as part of CAAP (Continuing Ayurveda Awareness Program) an initiative by Punarnava Ayurveda
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