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REPORT ON INDIAN BEVERAGE INDUSTRY 1. Beverage Overview------------------------------------------------------ 3 2. Indian Beverage Industry----------------------------------------------- 4 3. Share of Volume by Beverage Category of India---------------------- 7 4. Per Capita Consumption In India--------------------------------------- 8 5. Key Figures on Indian Beverage Industry------------------------------ 9 6. Factors driving developments in the Indian Beverages Sector------- 10 7. Packaging of Beverage Industry---------------------------------------- 11 8. Beverages for ‘Health and Wellness’ in the Indian Market------------ 12 9. The beverage industry’s…show more content…
The Indian beverage market offers hot options. According to Dabur, the fruit beverages industry in India now stands at Rs 1100 crores (approx. Euro 180 million) and the market has grown at the rate of 30% where Dabur India, through the new launch Real Burrst, is looking at establishing a market share of 4-5% in next 2-3 years. Part of the industry of fast moving consumer goods is also the beverage industry. The total beverage industry in India is being estimated to grow at 17% this year, according to experts. "Food and beverages segment has not suffered despite the slowdown in the economy. FMCG in our stores has done very well. In fact, we registered 10-15% growth in this segment last year," said a spokesperson at Spencer 's Retail Ltd. Beverage majors like Coca Cola India, for example, again reported growing sales.Coca-Cola in India reported a solid first quarter 2009 results not only despite a challenging economic environment, but also with unit case volume increasing by 31%. And eight quarters out of the 11 quarters had a double-digit growth. To foreign observers of the market, these figures might sound unbelievable, as Western markets are saturated and have not seen such figures for long time. But in India, various positive factors drive the beverage markets. One is the rising number of people in the middle class with extra money to spend on new beverages like wine, new brands of imported whiskey, or the fancy

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