Indian Brand : The Niche Segment Successfully Essay

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INDIAN BRAND: THAT TAPPED THE NICHE SEGMENT SUCCESSFULLY. Author: Radhika Singh (9999067831, Sunil Kishore Sharma (8010484758, ABSTRACT This case study talks about the evolution of Emami as a brand in the rural market. Rural market is a market which is still not tapped by many well known brands but Emami took it as an opportunity and are successful in taking full advantage of it. Their major revenue is generated from rural market i.e. 40-45 % of revenue. In this case study we have talked about various brand portfolios and also about their rural strategies. KEYWORD Brand, Emami, Rural Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Promotion, Distribution channel. INTRODUCTION Emami is a perfect example of a brand which depicts Indian characteristic. The company connects with its customers through advertising, packaging and promotion. The company had invested 229 crore in the year 2011-2012 as compared to 219 in the year 2010-2011. About 40-45 % of its revenue comes from rural market. Due to its various initiatives in last two years Emami has a growth in rural market. You can get to see its various brands in more than 40 lakh outlets. The company has also connected with people through two things which bind the people of India together-films and cricket. The company has enhanced its brand recall through endorsements by eminent personalities which led to superior visibility. The company has cluster of stars from entertainment,sports and films such as

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