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Indian Camp Written assignment: Nick is son of a Doctor, who one night gets a call from an Indian camp from the other side of the river. Nick accompanies his father and Uncle George by boat over the river. When they arrive to the camp, they enter a shanty where they find an Indian woman, who has been in labour for two days. She needs a caesarean really quick and Nick’s father starts to do the incision with a jack knife and without anaesthetics and sews the stiches with fish line. Nick´s father is exalted and talkative after his great operation, but unfortunately this does not last for very long. The father of the newly born son was lying in bed sleeping, but Nick´s father finds out, that the Indian man has cut his throat with a razor.…show more content…
Answer e: Why does he call him "Nickie" when they are walking back to the lake? The father calls him “Nickie” to calm his son down. The episode had been a traumatic experience and Nick´s father found out that Nick only is a boy. Answer f: How do the events in the shanty affect Nick and his father? The episode in the shanty changed the mood on both of them. The father was exalted and talkative after the operation, but then his mood changed in the other direction after the father to the newly born baby, killed himself. Nick is also in a bad mood, since he maybe feels a bit afraid of death, which is pretty normal after an episode like this. Answer g: Why does Nick feel quite sure that he will never die? Nick feels safe with his father and they feel connected. He started out sad after the hard episode and went to a peaceful cruise over the river with his father. Nick sits on the stern watching the sun coming up over the hills, the jumping bass and the warm water caressing his hand, while he feels the chill of the new day. In the light of the new morning his past experiences slides away. Answer h: Why does the Indian commit suicide? Like Nick´s father says in the story, he probably could not stand things. Maybe he was sad and unhappy to see and hear his wife screaming for two days or afraid of losing his wife and baby under the long labour in front of him. He had also cut himself in his foot with an

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