Indian Constitution Provides Us Rights, Responsibility, And Duty

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Indian Constitution provides us rights, responsibility, and duty. As per our constitution every Indian must uphold and protect the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India. The current rhetoric in India is bit bitter towards our great nation. Few people saying, we need one more partition which will never happen. The free speech is soul of any democracy. There is no question in my mind that anyone has to prove how much you love India. We do not need to handover patriotic certificate to each other. Nobody is superior over each other. We all are equal and we can express our self freely and without being threatened, that’s why we hop on social media. I personally do not take broad brush and paint a picture. I do not put label on people but in the world free speech is also labelled as a freedom to offend people. In the debate one can be on any side and I welcome all opinions. Let me expresses myself, if you ask me personally I will always support valiant Indian army more over absurd and disgraceful anti nationalist who call a terrorist a hero. According to me, the freedom of speech cannot be masked over anti nationalist Klan or anti national annotation. People yell on Indian streets “Bharat ke tukade kar do” under mask of rights but they forget their duty and responsibility. There is egregious violence in Kashmir but we need to put solutions on the table without talking about dividing our nation. Kashmir is an integral part of India. We need feisty leadership in Kashmir who can
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