Indian Cultural Case Study

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Case Study Care Plan Strategies: Shanti Care Plan Strategies: Shanti

Shanti’s story describes the death and dying process of a 63 year old Indian woman with breast cancer and metastasis. She had lived in the United States for 32 years and both her and her family still strictly followed their Hindu beliefs and traditions. Shanti knew she was ill but not her diagnosis or prognosis. She was in constant pain and suffered from anorexia, weight loss, and digestive problems. Her religious and cultural beliefs were that all that happened in this life was the result of her past life and that her next life would be determined by her actions in this life. To Shanti the pain she was suffering was given to her by the gods and relief from
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She believed her pain was given to her by the gods and a result of her past life and that relieving her pain would cause bad karma and negatively affect her next life. The author has chosen this diagnosis because Shanti has expressed the importance of her spiritual journey in order to achieve peace and nirvana. In order to assist the patient the hospice team will need to communicate with the patient and her family about their beliefs, wishes, and needs. It is also important that the staff honor the patient’s wishes and cultural beliefs without passing any judgement. Shanti wished to be at home while she was ill, surrounded by family, and practicing her faith as usual. The hospice team can allow this to happen by supporting the patient’s wishes and assessing additional needs. Shanti was at home surrounded by family and able to participate in daily prayers and meditation when she passed away and the family was able to perform traditional death rituals.
Acute Pain In the beginning of Shanti’s story the author describes the physical characteristics of Shanti’s pain and her desire to experience that pain because of her religious and cultural beliefs. It is important that hospice staff assess that patient’s pain levels and desired relief. Shanti decides to refuse pain medication but later chooses a modicum of medicine so she can
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