Indian Democracy

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India’s experiment with democracy has, through the years, proven to be a success. There is an established Constitution that is fair to all the people living in the country, the power of the leadership is vested within the people, and the people are able to voice their opinions without fear. These factors create the foundation on which a democratic nation can stand and continue to build on in. The early leaders of India knew of this, moreover they also knew that it was even more important for India to have these qualities because of its extreme diversity and historical past. After independence the writing of the Constitution was made the priority, after all, a country cannot survive and thrive unless it has a set of basic laws that…show more content…
So the different political parties also include the symbol for the party on the ballot. Even if a voter is not able to read, he/she is still aware of what is going in the country and in his/her respective region either through town meetings, radio, TV or even gossip. If the current party hasn’t been living up to the promises it made during the previous election, then the voter will know about it. And will know that he/she shouldn’t vote for that party again because it doesn’t do what it says it will. In the voting booth, an illiterate voter will know the symbol that represents the party and will either choose it or not. Historically, in other countries literacy has been used as a criterion to keep people from voting, but India values all of its citizens and works to make sure that all of them are able to exercise their constitutional right, as long as they are of age and a citizen of India. Some would say that India has failed or has not lived up to the expectations of a democracy. The reasons being that not all of its citizens are treated equally, particularly those members of the scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other backward classes. The Constitution explicitly states that any sort of prejudice on the basis of caste is illegal, and the judicial system will state as such if a case of prejudice is brought to court. The problem with India
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