Indian Head Massage Assignment

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Indian Head Massage Assignment 1. Explain the organisations service times for Indian head massage and the importance of completing the service in a commercially viable time. A. An Indian head massage should take 45 minutes, if the treatment is completed under the viable time, the client will feel like they’re not getting their moneys worth or the best out of the treatment, it also prevents times wastage and ensures that an effective appointment is in place. 2. Explain how to set up the work area for an Indian head massage. A. For an Indian head massage, the work area needs to be set up correctly, this includes the bed, a chair for the client and the trolley. *Couch – ~As the client doesn’t lay or sit on the bed you don’t need a lot of…show more content…
*Mentally – When you’re ready ask the client to take three big deep breaths and then ground the client. 8. Explain how to store and maintain Indian head massage mediums in a safe and hygienic manner and why this is important A. Massage mediums need to be stored in a cool dry place in airtight containers with a pouring cap as this prevents wastage. After each use all the lids must be closed and stored correctly in date order as this prevents cross-contamination, stops the oil from spilling, it makes sure that you don’t use any new ones without finishing the older ones first, it also makes sure that you comply with the health and safety legislation. 9. Explain how to use Indian head massage mediums safely and effectively. A. You must always check with the client to make sure they’re not allergic to any of the oils, as this is professional and prevents any skin reactions. Oils should be kept upright with the lids on properly as this prevents spillages. If any spillages occur they should be cleaned up with bedroll. Also only use as much as you need to prevent any wastage. 10. Explain the types of Indian head massage oils available and their beneficial properties. A. Sesame Coconut Mustard Sweet Almond Olive Cures swellings Moisturises the skin Increases body heat Helps itchy skin Helps rough skin Removes muscular pains and stiffness Produces a cooling effect on the scalp
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