Indian History Is Within The Landscape

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“Indian History is within the landscape.” (Standing Bear 's Footsteps Video) Over time the United States have learned a lot from the American Indian cultures. They inhabited the land in America long before the Europeans and other cultures even discovered it. Each American Indian nation had their own beliefs, practices and qualities. They provided the United States with an income and a way of life, through trade, food production, hunting and so much more. The Netsilik, Navajo, Ponca, and Chumash have not only shown but proved their roles through their hunting skills, utilization of their environment, their contributions, and standing up for what they deserved. I want to explain who each culture is and describe the traces they left on this…show more content…
They utilized every piece of the animal. The fur for clothing, the skin for bags and material, and the bones for tools and weapons. The temperatures really affected them because when it would drop to -4o degrees animals would be scarce which meant little food, little income and no materials. The role of women were to produce garments, cook, clean, and to take care of the family. The mens role were to construct the homes and hunt for food. They developed many techniques of their own that we still use today but they learned some new skills when they encountered the Europeans. The Europeans came with rifles, ammunition, wood, tobacco and gill nets for fishing and they quickly wanted to exchange. Before they believed in three major deities the weather god, the sea goddess, and the moon god. The influence of the American culture took effect and the Netsilik changed their religion to Christianity. The Netsilik role taught us how to survive in cold climates, they showed us how to hunt, stay warm, build shelter, and work together in order to thrive. They revealed that the Netsilik people fought and worked hard to survive without the help from anyone else. They used what the land and environment gave and grew wise and strong. Another culture that played a good role in the U.S were the Navajo. The Navajo are a very strong culture because of everything they meant through with the Americans. “ In 1860 the U.S army sought to
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