Indian History : The Indian Sub Continent

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The Indian history starts with the pre historic settlement and society in the Indian sub-continent, but the first most advanced civilization which India had witnessed was the Indus valley civilization. Indus River Valley Civilization was succeeded by the Vedic period in which India came across the Indo-Arian culture. After the Vedic period the history of India includes the rise of the Buddhism and Jainism as a kind of revolt against the Brahmanism, a succession of powerful dynasties for almost two millennia throughout various geographic area of the sub continent including the Muslim powers, the coming of European traders which resulted in the establishment of the British rule in India followed by the subsequent independence movement that lead to the partition of India and the creation of the republic of India and the adoption of the constitution. On the Indian sub continent oldest artifacts have been found dated from lower or early Paleolithic period 2.6 million years ago to 2 lakhs years before the present. In this lower Paleolithic era the earliest human settlement in south Asia was identified with the help of the abundance of stone tool assemblage. Sohanian culture and Acheulian culture were the two earliest distinct culture and technological traditions to which the earliest reliable stone tool assemblages belong . But, so far no pre historic human remains had been discovered. It could be said that India might have been inhabited since at least in the middle

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