Indian Horse : An Illustration Of The Trauma Natives

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As Native’s live throughout their lives they face inherent obstacles requiring drastic measures to overcome. Indian Horse provides first person narrative into the exciting life of Saul Indian Horse as he makes his way to the top echelon of hockey excellence. This elite status comes a price however. Natives such as Saul, and Fred Sasakamoose have endured horrid pasts filled with mental, physical and sexual abuse. This abuse necessitates some a means to escape this reality and hockey is used throughout this novel to illustrate how it can be used as a means to mentally and physically escape. Sadly, once Saul’s career is over it becomes evident that a need for escape is inevitable and alcohol quickly becomes the vise that provides it.
Wagamese uses Indian horse as an illustration of the trauma Natives live with due to the residential schools and how is used as a catalyst to mentally and physically escape their suffering.

Throughout the 1900’s it was common practice for Canadians to place native children in Christian residential homes. In order to attend these institutions native kids we’re forcefully removed from their families and forced to permanently live in residential schools that were often a great distance away from their home and their families. In these schools the goal was simple; reform the native children to adapt more Christian ideologies. As a result native children were not permitted to talk in their native tongue, or practice any of the previous cultural…

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