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Essay Topic 2 Families play a large role in the lives of every person to ever live. If one is born without a family, their lives will be much different than one who is born with a family, whether that family has a positive influence on said person or not. Every member of a family shapes a person’s identity, especially when they are growing up. If a child grows up with irresponsible parents that do not care for their child or adhere to their needs, the child will most likely grow up to become a person of a similar fashion with similar characteristics as their parents because that is all they have experienced and that is the only way that they
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After the argument, Saul’s Parents take his deceased brother to the church for a catholic burial. Christianity and European culture has challenged Saul’s traditional belief in aboriginal spirituality but it his grandmother who makes sure he sticks to his beliefs and is not converted by his parents who were converted by the residential schools, priests, and missionaries. Without the help of elders, Aboriginal spirituality would most likely be non-existent in todays society. According to Journal of the American Academy of Religion, “there are few, if any, Aboriginal people whose lives have not been affected in some way by missionaries, social welfare programs and…various churches…” (Pattel-Gray 496). Through story telling and historical teachings, the elders are able to create a sense of culture and unity among the aboriginal youth and this characteristic is shown in Indian Horse through Naomi and her teachings to Saul. After the death of Saul Indian Horse’s brother William, Saul and his grandmother Naomi were abandoned by his parents. They were left to fend for themselves against the harsh climate and rough terrain. Because of Naomi’s great wisdom and knowledge, they managed to survive even when they were faced with great adversity. Naomi played such a large impact in determining Saul’s survival because wherever they went, she would put his needs
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