Indian Market Consistent With Its Mfn Treatment Essay

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provide normal access to the Indian market consistent with its MFN treatment. The Certificate of Origin for MFN export will be as prescribed in Annex D/II
2. Import of articles in accordance with the para-1 above shall be allowed by the Indian customs authorities on the basis of the Certificate of Origin to be issued by the agency designated for this purpose by the Government of Nepal in the format prescribed at Annexure – D/I for each consignment of articles exported from Nepal to India. Information regarding the basis of calculation for grant of such Certificates of Origin to the manufacturing facilities in Nepal will be provided to the Government of India on an annual basis. Preferential facility shall not be available for the articles listed at Annexure-“E”.
3. On the basis of a Certificate issued, for each consignment of articles manufactured in the small-scale units in Nepal, by the Government of Nepal, that the relevant conditions applicable to the articles manufactured in similar Small Scale Industrial units in India for relief in the levy of applicable Excise Duty rates are fulfilled for such a parity, Government of India will extend parity in the levy of Additional Duty on such Nepalese articles equal to the treatment provided in the levy of effective Excise Duty on similar Indian articles under the Indian Customs and Central Excise Tariff.
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