Indian Parents Changing Their Parenting Styles

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Not only has the lack of knowledge of culture has changed because of Indian parents changing their parenting styles, but also how the kids are not close to their families as parents change from an authoritarian to permissive parenting styles. In India, when a new child is born the full village is taking care of the child. As the child gets older, he/she is still close to the full village because he became familiar with them, and they acted like his second family, although they are probably not related to the child. On the other hand, in the United States, it is not normal for a neighbors to raise a parent’s child, unless they are babysitting. Therefore in the United States, the child is unable to have the same type of second family, and love and care like India. According to Vijaykumar (2007), a family is needed for a child to develop its affectionate and love towards their parents. He goes on to say, how it takes Indian children (less than the age of three) longer to develop in not a typical Indian setting versus an Indian Setting (424). This shows how at a young age the attention is needed for the child to develop many skills. A study done by Barhart, Raval, and Jansari (2003), shows how about 65% of college kids feel that if their families paid more attention to them, and actually told them what was right and wrong, they might have been more successful in life than they are now (689). This shows how as a young kid the pressure of a parent does not harm a person, but how
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