Indian Pilgrimage Centers: Chintpurni

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Area and travel data Chintpurni is arranged at the height of 940 meters and is part, Una area, Himachal Pradesh. The sanctuary is arranged on one of the most astounding tops of the Sola Singhi extent of knolls. It is something like 3 km west of Bharwain which is placed on the Hoshiarpur - Dharmashala street. This way is some piece of the State Highway system and is regularly kept fit as a fiddle all around the year. Private vehicles are typically not permitted past the Chintpurni transport stand which is something like 1.5 km from the Temple. You might need to walk this separation. About 50% of this separation is up a tender grade and through an extremely occupied business sector. The sanctuary is open from 4 am to 11 pm. Climate Spring : About mid-February to mid-April. The winter begins losing its chomp around mid-February. Summer : Mid-April to end of June. It is hot in summer and light cottons are suggested. Stormy season : July - September. Still warm and, obviously, moist. Parts and loads of downpour. Harvest time : October - November. Days are charmingly warm, nights are cool. May need light woolens during the evening or early mornings. Winter: December - January. It is truly charming throughout the day and you may get by with one layer of woolens. The winter nights are chilly and an additional layer of woolens is needed. When all is said in done, temperature in Chintpurni is something like 5 degrees easier than in the Punjab and Haryana fields and

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