Indian Poets During The Contemporary Period Essay

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It is truth and universally acknowledged that when ‘Word’ is compared to ‘Sword’, ‘Word’ is more ‘powerful’. Words are the most powerful ‘weapons’ in the world. Scars given by sword will only harm our ‘flesh’ and will fade away with time but scars given by words will rip our ‘souls’ and will remain till the end of your life. Words are so powerful that it can make us closer and unite us and also at the same time can corrupt and separate us. Words that we speak also incarnate our image. If there had been no existence of words in this world, none of us would have made any relation, none of us would have exchanged culture, none of us would have ever understood each other’s feelings and expressions or none of us would had ever read literature. However, without words there is no existence of literature and we might have not read about ‘Indian Freedom Struggle’. Literary work of Indian Poets during the contemporary period was so marvelous that it deeply affected and influenced people and also it resulted in their participation in the movement of independence. Indian poets used words in such a beautiful manner that it moved people to happily sacrifice their lives, wealth and family for the sake of their country. Britishers feared that certain kind of literature was being distributed among people of India. Because of the patriotic songs and poems like “The desire to make a Sacrifice is in our hearts” Kunal 2 (Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna) and “O Mother! Dye My Robe
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