Indian Removal Act Of The Early Nineteenth Century

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From the onset of Europe 's exploration to the new world, the Native Americans have had the land that they once called their own stolen from them. As history continued to play out, the Indians could never escape the stigma that they were wild savages. This is no more evident than with the Indian Removal acts of the early nineteenth century in which many Indians were sent to their death on the Trail of Tears. Then came the age of reservations which began just before the Civil War, placing Indian Tribes onto land that they were assigned. This is where they have remained for many years because at the time it was just easier to put them aside. Even though the history between the two has been rough their relationship evolved overtime. The United States have become an important ally for the tribes even they were the ones who put them on the reservations in the first place. The United States government should do more to help Indian casinos, domestic violence cases, and poverty and land disputes because of the sovereign nation’s troubles with these issues.

The opposition to the government being more of a factor in the Native American activities would argue that the United States were the ones that put them in this position in the first place. They are the reason that all of the substance abuse, poverty, domestic violence, and land disputes have occurred on the reservations so far. This argument does have merit with the government making mistakes in dealing with Native American
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