Indian Removal Speech

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Mr. President, Members of Congress I am a Cherokee Indian name Lauren who was removed from my house from my land with my family. I was born and raised on that land that I instantly fell in love with and never thought in a few years I would be removed from my home and forced to move somewhere else forever! This shouldn't be happening to us, we are humans just like all of you here today that we should be treating each other with respect and happiness. Me and my family and friends don't deserve this kind of respect thats getting thrown at us nor should we be forced and pushed around to move somewhere and know that our land will be owned by someone else. For this reason we as Cherokee Indians should get our land back and unite together and live normal again.

I am here today in my family's respect that some of them died during the march. I'm proud to stand here today in front of you guys today to try and get our land back and return to our homes. My family, my friends, my people knew that this day will come but we thought we could fight back. That did not work out for us after the deadline. When we were forcefully removed out of our homes, put into cattle pits in the pouring cold rain, and had to march through the cold winter snow were we had to burry a lot of my people and close ones. I have always wanted to know what Georgia wanted from us or our land. But from one thing I know or heard it was a large land for them that they found value in our land like fertile, soil and
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