Indian River State College Intertextual Analysis

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“The friends you find in college; will be the friends you have for life.” Many individuals indicate this statement is true, and now I can claim that I understand the quote stated above with a firsthand experience. Enrolling in Indian River State College possesses the privilege to interact with many international students. I have obtained strong bonds across diverse cultural groups as a result of; social gatherings, or regularly having meals together. I remain immensely grateful for the relationships I have obtained with the international students.
I have learned that retaining global relationships are a unique, enlightening and a significant experience. In College, I have had the privilege to encounter with many international students. Consequently,
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In Sweden, Swedes perform and execute tasks different than we do in America. I was thrilled to find out all about Sweden’s culture, views, and practices. Although I believe she was a bit uncomfortable at first, I began to invite my roommate to social gatherings and dine together to learn more about her. For just coming to America, her English is quite exquisite. Over a period, she has exposed new recipes of different food from her culture. I have gotten to learn about different holidays she celebrates. I learned Individuals in Sweden are more aware of their environment. For instance, While my roommate showers, she turns off the water to shampoo and condition then turns it back on to rinse off. I find the difference in environment values between Sweden and America fascinating. Spending time with an individual from Sweden has given me an insight into the European culture. I have learned different norms and values in her culture and how I can accommodate and make her feel more at home. If I ever travel to Europe, I have a better insight and can appreciate and relate to Europe's values more.
In conclusion, having the experience to interact with international students. Society is increasing globally and welcoming other cultures. America has adapted to others and picked up on a few traditions from other countries. Schools and other institutions are providing better ways to communicate with individuals from diverse cultures. I am grateful that I can become more globalized and more aware of others around me. I can gain experience from people with a different culture and use the experience in everyday
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