Indian Spring Park on the Brazos River in Waco, Texas

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Waco is situated between Dallas and Austin. It was a park called Indian Spring Park. This park is on the west side of the Brazos River. People
Go there all the time for festivals and events. The first thing you see in the park is the “Branding
The Brazos statue series”. This is sculptures of cattle and cowboys on horseback. It is a very
Large display. It goes along with the famous Chisholm Trail. Cultural Arts of Waco
It perceives the crossing of the Brazos River. [In 2008, the first pieces of the “Branding the Brazos” sculptors made their debut Next to the bridge. The towering Chisholm Trail sculptures, crafted by Robert Summers, include An oversized, bronze trail boss driving longhorns on their way to crossing the Brazos.] ( Use to when livestock had to be taken to market they had to rely on the ferry which was Dangerous and it took a lot of time to get the livestock across. But they built a suspension bridge. This bridge was open to the public in 1870. And it is older than the Brooklyn Bridge. [The Waco Suspension Bridge is a 475-foot structure that crosses the Brazos River in downtown Waco. At the time that it was built it was one of the longest single-span suspension bridges in the World. The bridge served vehicle traffic until 1971, at which time it became reserved for pedestrians and special events. It was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1970…
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