Indian Weddings And Leaderships Lessons

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Indian Weddings and Leaderships Lessons to Engage Employees: A Confluence The bloom of a flower has always fascinated me. Just before it calling a day, I watch them as buds. The next morning as I glide past them, I am transfixed. They are flowers- bloomed in full glory glistening with the morning dew- from jasmines, roses, hibiscus silhouetted by the green leaves and the blue sky. The very act of the bloom, quick in its dexterity, seamless in its motion and blissful in my ignorance is something my mind has always pondered. In my growing years when I saw the first footage on TV that brought the fluidity of the bloom to the forefront, it brought me closer to nature. What brought those memories back? Weddings. Well, in a wedding we are so caught up in the act of celebration with the congregation of friends and family acting as the impetus that I have never observed weddings from the vantage point of a observer of human nature. A phone call from my friend changed that. “Three day bonanza of fun, dance and merriment, with an army of well wishers in the thousands- is that what it is?” my friend Colin echoed on the phone with an infectious enthusiasm. I had just mentioned to him that I was traveling to India to attend a wedding. In the same breath, he continued “Bring me stories and pictures, and get me nuggets of eastern wisdom, I am fascinated by the different cultures.” Colin’s quest for learning brought a question that was in the back of my mind to the forefront.
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