Indiana Jones And The Last Cadesade Essay

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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is an epic movie. Joseph Campbell created “The Hero’s Journey” model. This model helps to characterize a specific piece of literature as an epic. It is a pattern of narrative. It explains the typical adventure of the Hero. The Hero achieves great deeds on behalf of the group. It helps a person dissect a piece of literature, a movie in this case, and learn about all the different parts. If the piece of literature fits into every part, then it classifies as an epic. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade fulfills each part of this model. The 1989 movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, written by George Lucas and directed by Steven Spielberg, meets all the criteria outline by Campbell in his “Hero’s Journey”…show more content…
The first section of the film is the call. It begins with the Call to Adventure. The Call to Adventure is the first point in the story in which the person is given the first notice that everything is going to change. This occurs when Indiana Jones is talking to Walter Donovan. Donovan asks Indiana to come with him on his journey in search for the Holy Grail. The second part of the call section is the Refusal of the Call. This is when the hero refuses to heed the call. This is when Indiana says to Donovan, “You’ve got the wrong Jones, Mr. Donovan. Why don’t, you try my father?” ( Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade). Next, the adventure begins. The hero, Indiana Jones, has committed to the quest. The Supernatural Aid is his helper in achieving the quest. Indiana’s Supernatural Aid is his dad, Henry. Henry is with Indiana along his journey. He helps Indiana and provides support. Another form of Supernatural Aid is the Grail Diary Indiana received from his dad. It is a crucial tool in achieving the quest. The Crossing of the First Threshold is when the person actually crosses into the field of adventure. This is when Indiana goes to Venice. Donovan says, “Good luck, don't trust anyone.” ( Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade). Indiana did not listen, because he eventually meets Elsa and trusted…show more content…
At this point, the character is rescued from pain and suffering. Indiana achieves all of the tests of faith and chooses the right Grail. The true Grail is wooden and worthy of a humble carpenter. Then, he uses the Grail to heal his father. The Grail helped them get to the point at which their relationship is renewed.The quest was successfully achieved, but there is one problem: The Grail can’t come back with them. The knight warned them that the Grail could not go past the Great Seal. They have to leave it there in the temple, because it can’t leave its “magical world”. Despite the warning, Elsa tries to leave with the Grail. The temple starts to shake and fall to pieces. The Grail slips into the crevasse. Elsa goes after it and Indiana tries to hold on to her, but she falls. Then, Indiana tries to get it, and Henry holds on to him. He tried so hard to stretch and reach the Grail, but he could not. His father pulls him back. He says, “Indiana, let it go.” ( Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade). That was the first time he did not call him Junior. Indiana did not want to give up, because he wanted to complete his fathers dream of getting the Grail. By Henry saying to let it go, it showed that Indiana is more important to him than the Cup of Christ. The Crossing of the Return Threshold is the final exit. It is when Henry and Indiana finally leave the doorway of the temple. Indiana learns to master both worlds.

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