Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark Hero's Journey Analysis

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Ordinary World In the first opening scene we see is Indiana Jone's whip in his pocket. Then we see the hat from behind and that is when the die-hard Indiana Jones fans realize that they are witnessing the entrance of a great hero. The ordinary world for Indiana Jones is really not that boring at all. He is constantly hit on by many undergraduates that he teaches in his Archaeology class. A prime example being an extremely attractive undergraduate girl closes her eye lids to display the message "LOVE YOU." The Call The call to action in this movie was when the two federal agents came to enlist the help of Indiana Jones to acquire the Ark of the Covenant. Indiana Jones informs them of the history behind the Ark and is informed that …show more content…

The floor is covered with snakes which makes this even more excruciating for Jones.

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